Think out of the box with your next birthday party

flowers malvern eastWe all know how fresh flowers can beautify just about any party space. All you need is the right kind of flowers to help set the mood and the theme for your next birthday party. There is no negating the fact that in today’s time’s fresh flowers have become equally as important to a birthday party as are the cake and the edibles.
The traditional floral setup for a birthday bash would be to set up flowers in vases but I have for you some unique ideas that are sure to be a huge hit with your guests. Read on!

Fresh flower bracelets

Style a fresh flower bracelet for yourself to create a stunning effect. In fact, make more of them and hand them out as the perfect party favors to your female guests when they arrive. In fact, a “crafting station,” where guests can create their own floral jewelry seems like a knockout idea to me.

Party Hats

Paper hats are boring. Make sure your next birthday offers the guests festive floral party hats to wear. Adding a fresh flower on top of even a boring hat is sure to zest things up.


Decorate the entrance with a fresh floral garland that will give a festive look as opposed to the regular paper garland.

Floral Sign

Put away those paper party banners and go for a beautiful banner decorated with fresh flowers. You can even choose colors and perhaps set a theme. Making a floral sign with the initials of the birthday girl/boy won’t be a bad idea.

Floral Mirror

Who doesn’t look pretty when surrounded by flowers? Hang fresh flowers from or tape them to your mirror, preferably in the entrance.

Decorate the Cake with fresh flowers

Beautify your cake further by placing some fresh flowers on top. The internet can be checked for such stunning cakes for inspiration.

Floral Crown

A floral crown made up of fresh flowers is a must for the birthday girl. It’s nothing a good florist can’t do. You must be thinking as to how to find a good florist? Check out the internet for ones close by.

Floral Chandelier

This idea is surely heavy on the pocket but if you have got bucks to spare then there is nothing more beautiful than a floral chandelier for your birthday party. Flowers can be tied upside down with the help of stems. If you are reading this a little too late fret not. Opt for flower delivery, florist malvern east and the delivery guy will help you jazz up your party.

Make a backdrop with fresh flowers

Now, who wouldn’t love having an amazing photo booth at their birthday party? You can tape fresh flowers to the wall yourself or you could hire a florist, Malvern has tons of good ones.
Hopefully, I have given you enough food for thought for your next bash, it all comes to down to what you fancy. Happy shopping for flowers, Malvern will have a huge variety which will make it fun experimenting and decorating!